A Jubilee for the Jubilee

Nick Mitchell constructs an etched chassis for a LMS 4-6-0 "Jubilee", to encourage others to complete more in time for the Association's Jubilee in 2020.

Nick has described this through videos, showing how to go about constructing a loco chassis. There are 34 episodes.

We've split them into five sections to help with finding your way around, or if wanting a long weekend of video, here is a link to the full playlist on YouTube.

Part 30 - More detailing work round the motion bracket to shorten the lifting arms and add a small bracket.


Part 31 - Planning the valve-gear assembly, and making tiny pivot joints. Building and testing the first sub-assembly comprising the union link, combination lever and radius rod.


Part 32 - Completing the valve gear and joining the two halves together. Setting the return crank on the centre driving wheel, then checking clearances and testing.


Part 33 - Constructing the tender footplate, steps and cosmetic outside frames, using cast axlebox/springs and turned buffers from the Association range. Test running the completed chassis.


Part 34 - Modifications to the PECO plastic bodywork to fit around the new chassis, including fitting captive nuts and adding lead weights.