A Jubilee for the Jubilee

Nick Mitchell constructs an etched chassis for a LMS 4-6-0 "Jubilee", to encourage others to complete more in time for the Association's Jubilee in 2020.

Nick has described this through videos, showing how to go about constructing a loco chassis. There are 34 episodes.

We've split them into five sections to help with finding your way around, or if wanting a long weekend of video, here is a link to the full playlist on YouTube.


Part 9 - Adding the loco-tender coupling arrangement to the rear spacer, with some tricky holding and soldering.


Part 10 - Fitting "Simpson" springs to some of the the driving axles, then opening out and polishing the bearings.


Part 11 - Constructing the bogie frames and fitting the bogie pivot, with a discussion of the bogie springing arrangement.


Part 12 - Constructing the tender frames and arranging springing.


Part 13 - Assembling and fitting the pivoting tender plate, including making and fitting half-axles with a mini-drill.


Part 14 - Preparing the wheels by fitting crank-pins and balance weights, and de-burring the spokes.


Part 15 - Painting the wheels and frames, plus enlarging the bogie pivot slot and shaping the guard irons.