The 2mm Layout Register

We maintain a register of 2mm scale layouts. It has several purposes; we'd like to know what layouts are around, and we frequently get requests for "a 2mm layout" for exhibitions and would like to be able to answer the questions more fully.

The Register holds contact information, dimensions, transport requirements, etc. for layouts whose owners are willing to exhibit them. Full details can be made available to exhibition organisers. The Register is run by the events officer, John Aldrick, who can be contacted at

Other layouts may be available for exhibition directly via their owners.

If you have a layout, and particularly if you are willing to exhibit it, please get in touch. We can add you to the register. We'll only publish information with your permission, and home addresses and contact details will not be going onto the public website.

If you're an exhibition manager, and are seeking a layout for a show, you can browse those on the public part of the register, and if you need more details, can contact the Layout Register Manager for further information. That contact will lead through to direct discussion with layout owner over the details of attending your show.


Layouts from the 2mm Layout Register

The following are available for exhibition

Information for exhibition organisers for the above layouts is available from the register, see panel on this page.

Other Layouts on the Website:

The following are probably not available for exhibition, though there may be the odd exception.