A Jubilee for the Jubilee

Nick Mitchell constructs an etched chassis for a LMS 4-6-0 "Jubilee", to encourage others to complete more in time for the Association's Jubilee in 2020.

Nick has described this through videos, showing how to go about constructing a loco chassis. There are 34 episodes.

We've split them into five sections to help with finding your way around, or if wanting a long weekend of video, here is a link to the full playlist on YouTube.

Part 16 - Preparing the gears and gear muffs, then assembling onto the stub axles.


Part 17 - Using the Association wheel quartering jig to fit the rear driving wheels.


Part 18 - Fitting the remaining driving wheels and testing with the coupling rods in place.


Part 19 - Fitting wheels to the bogie frames, then making and adjusting the sprung bogie pivot bearing.


Part 20 - Investigating universal joint options, then modifying the worm housing (replacing the nuts with half-height ones) and fitting the worm on its axle.


Part 21 - Fitting the worm housing, fixing and wiring the motor, assembling the 2mm Association universal joint, and testing the drive-train.


Part 22 - Assembling and fitting the locomotive brake gear.