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Track - How it works and how to model it

This is a major publication for the Association, 140 pages, A4 format, colour illustrations throughout, and a card cover.

The prototype section is scale non-specific, covering all aspects of trackwork and associated equipment.

The modelling section, geared more toward 2FS covers the track systems available from the Association. Practical guidance is given on building realistic and reliable trackwork.

A valuable resource whatever scale you model in.

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UK Post Paid £18.00.

Track Europe Post Paid £21.50.

Track Rest of World Post Paid £25.00.

Promotional kit

What is it really like to model in 2FS?

Here’s your chance to find out.

The kit comprises a typical etched nickel silver wagon chassis including bearings, wheels, axleboxes/springs and buffers. The body is one of our popular plastic wagon kits. The kit also includes rail and Easitrac sleepers to make up a small length of track to present your finished model on. Includes full instructions, but glues, solder and paint will need to be sourced separately.

Be careful, 2FS is addictive!

Wagon kit
UK Post Paid £8.50.

Wagon kit Europe Post Paid £10.00.

Wagon kit Rest of World Post Paid £11.00.

Point Rodding

The latest follow up to the Track book, this publication is 44 pages A5 format with a soft cover.

The prototype section expands on the subject as previously covered in TRACK. In depth information is provided on equipment and the formation of rodding in the real world.

Modellers can then apply the information when using their chosen point rodding components in any scale. Parts for 2mm Scale point rodding are available to 2mm Scale Association members in the Association's shop 1.

Modellers in all scales will find plenty to interest them.

Point Rodding
UK Post Paid £7.00.

Point Rodding Europe Post Paid £9.00.

Point Rodding Rest of World Post Paid £10.50.