Etched Pixels/ Ultima etches held by PPD Ltd

The Spreadsheet below contains a list of artwork held by PPD that the Association has been given permission to use by Alan Cox.

If you think there is something listed you might want to have etched, please contact me with details of your interests. I will then request from PPD a copy of both sides of the image from the artwork and send this to you so you can decide if the items shown are still of interest to you.

If you want to have one of more sheets produced from the artwork, I will ask PPD for a quote which I will pass on to you. If you accept the quote, you will need to pay PPD in advance of the artwork being submitted for production by PPD.

If you decide to have any sheets produced, this will be at your own risk and the Association cannot be held responsible for any problems arising. Having said that, I will try to help resolve any issues that do crop up. The cost of a sheet depends on size and thickness. Most etches are done on 0.25mm thick nickel silver but the list shows the thickness that the tools are set up for. The cost (Jan 2024) of smaller sheets (e.g. 280mm by 280mm) is about £28 and delivery £14 per order, so its more cost-effective to order several sheets if you think you can use lots of items.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this.

Nigel Hunt

Product Development Officer


Etched Pixes/Ultima Spreadsheet for Download.