Wheel Turning Service

( April 20th 2021, service temporarily suspended. As and when we can re-start the service, we will post an update. )

This service is for the re-profiling of N Gauge wheels to a profile that will allow running on track and turnouts laid to Association 2FS standards at 9.42mm gauge. It must be stressed that the resultant wheel profile may not exactly conform to our published standard, but will be as close as your particular wheelset and the turning process will allow. The process is best suited to metal-tyred disc wheels from diesels, electrics and coaches. Spoked steam/diesel wheels can only have their flanges reduced.

Turning Rates: Standard disc wheels from 85p per axle. Disc wheels requiring face profile restoration (eg Farish Western, Warship etc ) and spoked wheels (eg Peco Jubilee, Farish 04 etc) cost a little more.

Pack wheels (on their axles) in a suitable rigid flat (total package must be less than 25mm thick) container to protect wheels against crushing, along with correct remittance, plus funds for postage and packing, and a self addressed adhesive label for the return packet. 35mm film canisters are not recommended; tend to open in post and cost a lot extra due to Post Office sizing rules.

The address of the service, and full payment details, are published in the shop pricelist which is distributed twice a year to members.