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New Products

Now available are finescaling conversion kits for the Graham Farish WD 2-8-0 and LMS Ivatt 2-6-0. Both kits retain the existing loco chassis, gears and motor, and a simple etched replacement chassis is provided for the tender. Etched parts are provided as replacements for most of the valve gear and motion. Price for either etch is 11 each, plus postage and packing.

Also now available is an etched replacement chassis for the GEM L & Y saddle tank. Price is 11 each, plus postage and packing.

If you want more information including a copy of the instructions, please contact me.

New Products Under Development

Apologies for delays in the L & Y tanks development. I had to put work on them to one side while dealing with other matters.

Etched kit for Lancashire and Yorkshire 2-4-2T. I have now built test etches covering the Belpaire/ round top boilers and long/ short bunker variants. The second test etch is ready to go to the etchers, and if all goes well, then production versions should be available early 2014. If you are interested or want more information please contact me (see top or bottom of page).

Awaiting etching is a chassis kit for the GEM L&Y 0-6-0 saddle tank kit. Expected to be available mid 2014.

Chassis kit for Dapol Ivat 2-6-2T

Etched chassis kit for Dapol Ivatt 2-6-2 T. This has been designed specifically for the Dapol
Ivatt, and includes etched parts for the frames, cylinders and valve gear. The design provides for the use of a 1016 coreless motor with an overall gear reduction of 40:1.

(Ivatt bodies are sometimes available from BR Lines, alternatively, there is market for the Dapol mechanism in 009 modellers)


Finescale chassis for Bachmann-Farish Jubilee

Finescale chassis etch for Graham Farish Jubilee, requires wheels, motion pins, motor, etc. to complete.

Here is Simon Grand's model of Hawkins, coupled to a Stanier 3500 gallon tender:


Finescale chassis for Peco Jubilee

This is an etched chassis kit custom designed to fit under the Peco Jubilee body (see "Additional Products" for equivalent chassis for the Bachmann-Farish Jubilee).

The etch (12 thou brass) allows for the body to be used as bought or for the tender length to be reduced to nearer scale. Drive is from a tender mounted motor to a single 38:1 gear in the firebox. The etch includes all the parts needed to build a finescale chassis and includes, as well as the loco and tender chassis, valve gear and cylinders, and for the tender, a footplate, frames, and steps. Detailed instructions are also provided.

Jubilee locomotive and tender bodies are still available from PECO, at PECO Products and Publications, Beer, Seaton, Devon EX12 3NA. Tel 01297 21542

As the etch includes valve gear and requires some experience of soldering, it is probably not suitable for the novice working alone.

The instruction notes are available to read in advance of purchase.


Finescale Chassis for Bachmann Rebuilt Royal Scot

The chassis kit for the Bachmann/ Farish Rebuilt Royal Scot is now available.

Complete Kit for LMS Princess Coronation / Duchess class

The kit for the LMS Princess Coronation Pacific, or ‘Duchess’is now available, however as at June 2012, I am still strugging to get supplies of the brass castings included with the kit. I hope to have the remaining castings in July 2012.

The kit models the de-streamlined version as running from c. 1952 to 1964. The kit includes etched parts for the locomotive and tender bodies, a white metal casting for the smokebox/ boiler/ firebox and a set of brass castings (including crossheads) for items not provided for by the Black 5 kit. You will need wheels, gears, a motor and the usual ancillary bits and pieces to complete the model. Also included are comprehensive instructions, and a CD containing a number of photographs of City of Birmingham, taken at the Think Tank museum in Birmingham. The CD will also include some photographs of the test build during construction. I can supply copies of the instructions and a castings list if you are interested in seeing in detail what is included in the kit.

Paul Martin has posted some photos of the test build on the Yahoo Groups 2mm website. One of them appears below. Go to to see them all.

The price of the basic kit is indicated below. For an extra £1 I will include a set bronze axle bearing cups (old shop code 2-040) which you can use to represent the ‘cups’ behind the smoke deflector hand holds. I have a limited supply of the these cups, so they will be sold on a first come first served basis.

If you want to order a kit please send a cheque for the appropriate amount to me at 52 Riverside Drive, Prestolee, Stoneclough, Manchester M26 1HU.




Etched Kit for LMS Princess Royal

This etch is for a finescale kit for the LMS Princess Royal class pacifics as running during the 1950s. Comprehensive instructions are provided. I hope to make available some of the Duchess castings, when available, for use with this kit.

The photograph shows Princess Arthur of Connaught, as built from the kit. Paintwork and photo by Ian Rathbone.

Additional related products available

  • Stanier 3,500 Gal Tender etched kit
  • Finescale chassis for Graham Farish Jubilee (photo above)
  • Generic loco/ tender frame spacers etch
  • Ross Pop safety valve etch
  • Replacement PECO Jubilee loco steps etch
  • Cast bogie pivot bearing for both Jubilee chassis and Princess Royal

Prices effective 1st July 2012

Peco Jubilee chassis£ 15.00
Farish Jubilee chassis£ 14.00
Farish Rebuilt Royal Scott chassis£ 14.00
Dapol Ivatt chassis£ 12.00
Coronation Princess kit (postage £3, free post for other items ordered at same time)£ 138.00
Princess Royal Etched kit£ 50.00
Stanier 3500 Gal Tender etched kit £ 17.00
Generic loco/tender frame spacers etch set£ 2.00
Ross Pop safety valve etch per set of four£ 1.00
Replacement Peco Jubilee loco steps etch£ 1.50
Cast bogie pivot bearings£ 3.00
Etched smoke deflectors for Rebuilt Royal Scott£ 2.50

Unless otherwise specified, postage in the UK will be £1.50 on all orders over £15, and £1 for orders £15 or less. I will advise overseas postage on receipt of enquiries.


All of the above kits and information on the forthcoming items are available from

Nigel Hunt,
52 Riverside Drive,
Manchester, M26 1HU.

Tel: 01204 708460