40th Anniversary Photographic Celebration
Early Days

The Association's pioneers established the scale principles, the track standards and proved that totally reliable operation was the norm for a model.

In this brief selection we show six pictures. The printed book has more than a dozen more.

The ficticious Inversnecky and Drambuie Railway was built in the 1940's and 50's, well before the establishment of 2mm finescale standards. It appeared in several books and magazines, and inspired many current modellers to adopt 2mm scale.
One of the locomotives for the Inversnecky & Drambuie Railway.
HH and Bert Groves built a number of models which were exhibited in the 1960´s to prove their standards for 2mm finescale, which are essentially those in use today. This 2-6-2T is typical of their locomotives.
Swanhaven (LSWR) built by JJ Langridge
The Navigation Inn, Bilsbury. This was part of an Association project layout.
L&Y Railmotor by Geoff Jones