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The Farish 64xx Pannier Tank is the latest model to have a drop-in wheel conversion kit. This conversion consists of new bearings, wheels, coupling rods, etc.. and simply drops into the chassis in place of the N gauge wheelset.
A superb running Finescale steam locomotive in ten minutes !
Sat, 19 Nov 2016 09:05:27 GMT
A sample of the 2mm Magazine is available for prospective members to download.
Sat, 19 Nov 2016 09:02:36 GMT
An update to the Magazine backnumber is now ready from the members only section (password required). This updates your copy of the backnumbers to the end of 2015.

Full copies of the Magazine backnumbers from 1960 are available from Shop 1. Since December 2013, these are supplied on USB memory stick.

Sat, 11 Jun 2016 17:19:36 GMT
A gallery of photographs of the entries in the 2015 annual model making competition classes.
Fri, 13 Nov 2015 16:48:04 GMT
"Track" is a major new publication from the 2mm Scale Association. The book is applicable to modellers in all scales, not just 2mm/ft. It covers the prototype, how to make parts, jigs, painting and finishing. Available to purchase from 10th January, 2013.
Thu, 10 Jan 2013 15:00:34 GMT
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Air Ministry Tank by Andy Carlson, from a 2mm Scale Association kit. Part of his winning entry for the Barker Trophy at the 2016 AGM. Further images from the Annual Model Competitions are in the AGM Gallery

The Annual General Meeting was held on Sat 15th October, at Keen House, London. Further details are found on the Events Page


The 2mm Scale Association exists to promote and facilitate modelling at the scale of 2mm:1ft. The scale has a long history as the smallest practical finescale standard.

By joining the Association, members gain access to a wealth of knowledge and our exclusive component range designed to enable simple and accurate construction.

Find out how to get started in 2mm FineScale; with the products available from the 2mm Scale Association its easier than you might think.

Our component ranges include jigs and alignment tools which remove the guesswork and need for specialist measuring equipment from precision model making. We also produce booklets which explain the construction techniques which have been developed over the years.

To keep our members in touch we produce a bi-monthly magazine and newsletter. For those with access to the internet we offer an email list where members can chat about anything pertinent to 2mm model making.

This website contains information about the Association and 2mm standards, articles about model making, and photographs to inspire the model maker.

How to join the 2mm Scale Association

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Success and progress. Source: Pennine 2mm Area Group | 25 Jan 2017 | 12:58 am GMT
My visit to Keighley on Saturday 17th was brief but good.First step was un-soldering the white wire from the switch for the frog, which eliminated that as the short. 5 sleepers down, umpteen to go! I then connected the multi-meter to the siding rails and proceeded to laboriously examine the insulati ....

Some more buildings for Freshwater Source: Basingstoke Area Group | 18 Jan 2017 | 11:31 pm GMT
Not much has been happening on Freshwater for a few months as all my modelling time seems to have been spent making up Merg electronic modules for other peoples' layouts. But this is about to change as I have an invite to the exhibition in Newbury on February 11th. I had set myself a deadline to ....

January 2017 meeting Source: Forth & Clyde Area Group | 15 Jan 2017 | 10:44 pm GMT
The first meeting of the New Year saw us back on the west coast. Alisdair hosted and Alistair, Andy, Anthony, Stephen, Simon, and Graham drank his tea and coffee and ate his bacon rolls and cakes.Some modelling was done as well however, around the kitchen table in best Area Group tradition..For most ....

January 2017 - Layout Manual Source: 2mm Kent and Essex Area Group | 9 Jan 2017 | 9:02 am GMT
Having rashly offered to produce the planned "Manual", I spent the first part of the session taking photographs (almost a hundred!) of the process of assembling the layout. A few of these are included below.Finishing assembling the legsFirst scenery sub-board being addedConnecting up the lightingAdd ....

Highclere - The layout that never was? Source: Julias Modelopolis | 19 Dec 2016 | 7:32 pm GMT
Hello.Apologies for doing this at this time of the year, it has once again been on my mind now for a while and I wanted to open it upto friends to try and gauge others opinions....For a while now I have been (once again!) thinking of scrapping the layout. Progress on it for a number of years now has ....

NEAG Christmas meeting update Source: 2mm North East Area Group | 17 Dec 2016 | 10:53 pm GMT
A good number of NEAG members came along for the Christmas meeting, the theme of which was a 'show and tell' day. My apologies straight away for the poor quality of photographs. My old compact wasn't up to the poor lighting conditions without a tripod and some of the images weren't even good enough ....

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